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There’s A Global Shift! In The Consumption Of Contents.

TrepOut is an insightful MENTOR-SHIP TV SERIES that seeks to empower & nurture the growth of young Treps in the private sector; both entrepreneurs & professionals. Conducted using bespoke digital video platform.

The Sharing of Ideas & Experiences is What Moves Humanity Forward.

TrepOut is run in partnership with MENTORS/ AUTHORITIES [business moguls, professionals & executives] as they participate in this series. TrepOut is tailored to bridge the gap between the young inexperienced Treps and those executives & professionals who have grown tremendously. It’s a platform for entrepreneurs, professionals and executives who have made significant progress in their lives and with their enterprise/career to give guides, resources, & help that young inexperienced Treps need to accelerate their growth in their chosen fields.

Our goal is to help MENTORS produce the best content possible & then help Treps consume the best content possible.


TrepOut pursues its aim b y providing empowerment video clips as a MASTERCLASS material which the MENTOR can put into market for PROTEGES. TrepAfrica will use short video clips on social media to PROMOTE the video courses for mentor’s brand visibility. This masterclass TV series create opportunity MENTORSHIP for mentor getting inexperienced Treps to SUBSCRIBE FOR MENTORSHIP SESSION.

VIDEO CONTENT is the King of Today’s marketing environment. TrepAfrica understands this & we specialize in helping business leaders connect, inspire & promote their enterprise using bespoke VIDEO CONTENT. This is what we do and we’re confidently good at it.

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