A creative & personal branding strategist, helping entrepreneurs &
professionals gain brand visibility, create lasting impact & boost revenue through personal brand
innovation, content production and digital monetization.

My name is Oluwaseun (Phoze) Matthew, known professionally as Dr Phoze

I am a creative & personal branding strategist based in Lagos, Nigeria. Also the Founder of TrepAfrica, committed to spotlighting entrepreneurs’ stories and amplifying their brands.

My passion lies in helping successful entrepreneurs & professionals develop profitable brands through content production, brand innovation, website, and digital monetization. I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in personal brand innovation for entrepreneurs & professionals.

When I am not working, I enjoy pursuing my love for cooking, swimming, and adventure. These activities keep me inspired and energized, and I believe they help me bring a unique perspective to my work as a creative strategist.

As the producer of TrepTalk TV series, Dr Phoze has filmed, documented, and promoted hundreds of thriving African entrepreneurs, sharing their startup stories, discoveries, entrepreneurial journeys, and experiences to inspire generations to imagine more. He is also the publisher of TrepAfrica Entrepreneurship Magazine.

Leading a team of young, passionate, and innovative creators. He is always looking for ambitious brands and individuals to collaborate with as a creative strategist. Let’s connect, share ideas, and do business.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Dr Phoze. His passion for entrepreneurship, innovation, and storytelling is infectious, and he is always excited to work with others who share his vision for creating meaningful change in the world.


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Dr Phoze leads a team of young, passionate and innovative creators constantly evolving and creating new experience that are simple and impossible to ignore.

Personal Brand Innovation

Unleash your mentorship empire, create a captivating website for your masterclass, and launch a lucrative YouTube channel that leaves a lasting impact on the world.

Brand Storytelling [Video/Magazine]

Immortalize your brand’s essence with bespoke video and magazine production.
Your story deserves to be told—connect with me now and let’s create magic together.

Digital Monetization

Turn your website & social media into a revenue-generating powerhouse?
Take Action Now to Boost Profits, Gain Credibility & Attract Lucrative Opportunities.


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