Meet Dr Phoze

Creative Strategist

About Me

My name is Oluwaseun Akadiri, known as Dr Phoze, a change maker, cinematographer, graphics designer, enterprise meliorist, startup investor and creative professional. He loves to define himself as a creative strategist with expertise in brand innovation design, video production & digital platform. Dr Phoze helps individuals & businesses grow their brands, gain brand visibility and increase in revenue growth through content production.

Dr Phoze is the founder of TrepAfrica; A media experience and lifestyle brand for entrepreneurs in Africa. With a social mission; fostering enterprise culture in Africa; Re-inventing Africa’s Story. He’s the producer of TrepTalk TV series; where he has filmed, documented and promoted hundreds of thriving African entrepreneurs sharing their startup stories, discoveries, entrepreneurial journey and experience in inspiring generations to imagine more. He’s also the publisher of TrepAfrica Entrepreneurship Magazine.

Dr Phoze leads a team of young, passionate and innovative creators constantly evolving and creating new experience that are simple and impossible to ignore.

Dr Phoze would love to collaborate with ambitious brands and individuals as creative Strategist. Let’s connect, share ideas and do business.