A creative strategist, helping entrepreneurs & professionals develop profitable brands
through brand innovation, video production and website design.

My name is Oluwaseun Akadiri, known professionally as Dr Phoze

A change maker, brand innovation expert,  producer, cinematographer, startup investor and author. He loves to define himself as a creative strategist with expertise in brand innovation, video production & digital designs. Dr Phoze helps individuals & businesses grow their brands, gain brand visibility and increase in revenue growth.

Dr Phoze is the founder of TrepAfrica; A media experience spotlighting entrepreneurs’ stories & amplifying brands with a purpose to Re-invent Africa’s Story. He’s the producer of TrepTalk TV series; where he has filmed, documented and promoted hundreds of thriving African entrepreneurs’ stories in inspiring generations to imagine more. He’s also the publisher of TrepAfrica Entrepreneurship Magazine.


I develop profitable brands.

Dr Phoze loves working with forward thinking entrepreneurs, professionals and ambitious individuals to develop profitable brands. Let’s connect, share ideas and do business.

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Dr Phoze leads a team of young, passionate and innovative creators constantly evolving and creating new experience that are simple and impossible to ignore.

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I realized that Re-imagining Me – adapting and moving forward

 with a conscious and intentional effort, making sure other people recognize my growth, was very crucial to a successful career. If we really want to create meaningful careers over the course of our lifetime, that’s something we’re going to have to master.

If you’ve been thinking about how to achieve your next professional goal, how to position yourself for the right opportunities, and how to be recognized for your true talents, I hope you’ll find this book helpful. More than anything, we need to become known for our best ideas.


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