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Share Your Entrepreneurial Journey. Inspire Generation!

TrepTalk is a weekly TV Show on Startimes/Online. TrepTalk is a thought leading insights about the entrepreneur’s journey and business. Conducted using bespoke video production. We are envisioning a self-contained [docu-style] TV series featuring business leaders and the host. Each video episode gives featured business leaders the opportunity to connect, inspire & empower the young generations

Amazing Positioning!

1. Brand Visibility 2. Reach a huge, fresh & engaged educated & enterprising audience 3. An on-point demographic of savvy business leaders, enterprising youths & change agents. 4. A global audience and 5. Above all, connect you to your target market and investors.

The Shot

What makes a video look interesting are a variety of shots. They need to be the right shot for the right moment. We'll use a range of techniques to capture these moments.


We will create 1 minute videos for Instagram, facebook, 5-10 mins recap video for Youtube, and 30mins footage for TV Channel made from the documentaries. This gives your brand the exposure it needs.

Let the MAGIC happen! Let’s craft a valuable resource you can be proud of.

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